African Grindstones, Lightweight Boulders & Monoliths

A big selection of grindstones and light weight rocks and boulders suitable to landscape most small areas in a garden. The grindstones serve as bird feeders and bird baths. Do visit us to view our realistic boulders.

Our lightweight boulders are indistinguishable from real boulders.

Used with river pebbles, driftwood and suitable plants a very attractive display can be created. The boulders are super strong

Boulder Code




2FIB408/1 17cm 13cm 10cm
2FIB408/2 24cm 13cm 13cm
2FIB408/3 29cm 23cm 15cm
2FIB408/4 32cm 22cm 15cm
2FIB408/5 37cm 30cm 14cm
2FIB408/6 43cm 41cm 21cm
2FIB408/7 54cm 47cm 24cm
2FIB408/8 70cm 42cm 22cm
2FIB408/9 68cm 62cm 32cm
2FIB408/10 72cm 45cm 63cm
2FIB4475 73cm 60cm 50cm
2FIB4476 87cm 60cm 53cm
2FIB4482 103cm 82cm 72cm





2FIB4410 Grindstone Zondi. Length 79cm Width 65cm Height 13cm. Large image
2FIB4580 Grindstone Ndoni. Length 44cm Width 43cm Height 11cm. Large image
2FIB487 Drain Cover. Length 61cm Width 60cm Height 29cm. Large image
2FIB4617 Boulder RK8 RK Boulder 8 Length 45cm Width 78cm Height 30cm. Large image
2FIB4583 Boulder RK2 RK Boulder 2 Length 120cm Width 76cm Height 66cm. Large image
2FIB4631 Edging Log Edging Log Length 108cm Width 32cm Height 22cm. Large image
2FIB4623 Edging Railway Sleeper Railway Sleeper Edging Length 100cm Width 24cm Height 23cm. Large image
2FIB486 Log Planter Small Log Planter Small Length 70cm Width 64cm Height 30cm. Large image
2FIB4698 Marula Planter Marula Planter Length 69cm Width 58cm Height 60cm. Large image
2FIB4639 Wooden Wall Planter Small Wooden Wall Planter Small Length 39cm Width 37cm Height 15cm. Large image
2FIB4638 Rock Wall Planter Small Rock Wall Planter Small Length 48cm Width 22cm Height 11cm. Large image
2FIB4622 Rock Filter Fall Rock Filter Box Large incl Waterfall: Length 103cm Width 90cm Height 56cm. Volume 75 Litres Large image

These grindstones are also often used to cover unsightly areas such as sprinkler heads and drain inlets. You will see other beautiful accessories for any garden above.

Features of Grindstones

Unlike the real grindstones still used across Africa for grinding maize our Grindstone collection are lightweight yet highly realistic

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