Fibreglass Garden Statuary and Ornaments

The originals in this range were sculpted by internationally renowned sculpture, Harry Johnson. This range can be used as water features or as garden art and can enhance many settings.

This animal range was designed to be used as accessories in landscaping. They can also be used to compliment our water features. This collection includes some floating products that can be ordered on request. These floating animals provide shade and protection for fish.There are also two Spitters in this collection, Wally the Seal and the large frog. Placed on the side of a small pond, they can become a fun, focal point and will help to circulate and aerate the water in the pond.

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Code Product Description Click
2FIB4500 Angelina fibreglass statue and water feature. Water spouts from hand held urn. Length 29cm width 20 cm and height 49 cm. Large image
2FIB4498 Nikita fibreglass statue. Length 40cm width 33cm and height 94cm. Large image
2FIB4496 Olga fibreglass statue. Length 89cm width 85cm height 88cm. Large image
2FIB201 Large crocodile length 130cm width 49cm height 16cm. Large image
2FIB202 Medium crocodile length 86cm width 19cm height 12cm. Large image
2FIB214 Tarka the otter. Very realistic. Length 45cm width 9cm height 11cm. Large image
2FIB204 Medium tortoise length 39cm width 22cm height 17cm. Large image
2FIB213 Wally the seal. Length 58cm width 36cm height 27cm. Large image
2FIB212 Large frog spitter. Length 27cm width 27cm height 24cm. Large image
2FIB4437 Freddie frog floating. Length 44cm width 31cm height 27cm. Large image
2FIB4447 Fredrika. Length 22cm width 23cm height 26cm. Large image
2FIB4448 Freddie Junior. Length 18cm width 13cm height 14cm. Large image