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There are 3 deep fibreglass ponds in the range each with its own coping design built into the pond itself making it unnecessary to create a surround once the pond has been sunk into the ground. These ponds are perfect for the gardener who want to keep goldfish or small koi in a garden pond

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2FIB4514 Deep Flagstone pond. Length 214 cm width 170 cm height 64 cm has volume of 540 litres Large image
2FIB4521 Deep Carp pond. Length 182 cm width 110 cm height 60 cm has volume of 370 litres Large image
2FIB4527 Medium Slate pond. Length 200 cm width 166 cm height 70 cm has volume of 500 litres Large image

These water features are best delivered (or collected) by a bakkie. We can arrange delivery within Gauteng. It is important to get a quote for transport before purchasing. We can arrange this for you. Just contact us as above.

So Easy to Install..

The Complete Water Feature Collection was designed to fulfill every D.I.Y. landscapers dream. The Collection ranges from large, to medium, to small,. The varied designs ensure that there will be a water feature available for every taste. All the water features have a natural rock like finish, to blend with any garden. The water features require no maintenance and they carry a life time guarantee on workmanship.

The beauty of this range of ponds is that no skill is required to create a perfectly edged pond. For the DIY pond builder creating the surround to a in ground pond is very difficult.

Carp Pond Deep: This Pond has the classic kidney shape. This pond is ideal to use for some goldfish. Add some filtration and plants to create the ideal home.

The Flagstone Pond Deep. This is the same design as the Shallow Flagstone Pond but with the added depth. It allows you to place some planting baskets on the side of the pond for added protection for small fish.

Slate Pond Medium Deep. This pond has natural slate looking surround. It can become a very attractive feature in any garden.


These ponds are ready to install. They are lightweight and can be easily handled by a single person.

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