Swimming Pool Covers to Cover Pool Filter & Pool Pump

A selection of high rising monolithic structures for use with underground basin in which a pump sits to circulate water up through a internal pipe to exit from the top of the monolith to fall gently down the sides of this "rock" structure.

Code Product Description Click
2FIB423 Pump motor cover. Size is 33 cm long 31 cm wide and 33 cm high. Large image
2FIB470 Number 1 pool pump cover. Size is 88 cm long 57 cm wide and 54 cm high. Large image
2FIB471 Number 2 pool pump cover. Size is 132 cm long 120 cm wide and 62 cm high. Large image
2FIB472 Number 8 pool pump cover. Size is 146 cm long 121 cm wide and 60 cm high. Large image
2FIB4423 Number 9 pool pump cover wooden railway sleeper effect. Size is 116 cm long 95 cm wide and 67 cm high. Large image
2FIB4574 Number 10 pool pump cover. Size is 170 cm long 137 cm wide and 85 cm high. Large image

What's a Pool Cover?

Every swimming pool has a filter and circulating pump installed. Both these units are unsightly and the pump is noisy. Get yourself a rock-like pool filter cover and take your mind of the filter itself.

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