Streams to suit any garden fish pond... ready made and easy to install

Our Streams and Waterfalls' Range...

The natural looking rock-like streams or waterways in this collection are ideal for any D.I.Y. landscaper. The collection consists of a large range of many different interlocking designs and textures. By placing them together, a natural looking brook, as found in nature, can be re created in any setting. This tranquil, babbling brook will create a peaceful spot in any garden – a place where one can sit back, relax and enjoy the therapeutic sound of running water. Birds love to bathe in these products. You will create an entire ecosystem within days. The huge selection of designs allows you to landscape any area, small or large, flat or terraced.

Code Product Description Click
2FIB800 Limpopo Stream 3 metre. Length 289cm Width 110cm Height 15cm. Large image
2FIB4522 Limpopo Top Stream. Length 147cm Width 83cm Height 16cm. Large image
2FIB4523 Limpopo Bottom Stream. Length 158cm Width 96cm Height 20cm. Large image
2FIB4511 Monsoon Slate Stream RS2. Length 138cm Width 98cm Height 18cm. Large image
2FIB4478 Monsoon Slate Stream RS40. Length 124cm Width 98cm Height 35cm. Large image
2FIB4444 Monsoon Slate Stream RS38. Length 89cm Width 80cm Height 20cm. Large image
2FIB4490 Monsoon Slate Stream RS20. Length 110cm Width 110cm Height 52cm. Large image
2FIB4435 River Rock Stream Starter SP8. Length 110cm Width 63cm Height 52cm. Large image
2FIB4524 Canyon Stream Pond WL41. Length 147cm Width 116cm Height 28cm. Large image
2FIB4526 Canyon Stream One Piece Combo WL20/22. Length 171cm Width 106cm Height 30cm. Large image
2FIB4598 Monsoon Stream RS44 Monsoon Slate Stream RS44 Stream. Length 135cm Width 102cm Height 25cm. Large image
2FIB4584 Monsoon Slate Stream Monsoon Slate Stream RS45 Stream. Length 154cm Width 123cm Height 27cm. Large image

These water features are best delivered (or collected) by a bakkie. We can arrange delivery within Gauteng. It is important to get a quote for transport before purchasing. We can arrange this for you. Just contact us as above.

So Easy to Install..

The Complete Water Feature Collection was designed to fulfill every D.I.Y. landscapers dream. The Collection ranges from large, to medium, to small,. The varied designs ensure that there will be a water feature available for every taste. All the water features have a natural rock like finish, to blend with any garden. The water features require no maintenance and they carry a life time guarantee on workmanship.

The beauty of this range of ponds is that no skill is required to create a perfectly edged pond. For the DIY pond builder creating the surround to a in ground pond is very difficult.

STREAMS AND WATERWAYS... Our fibre glass streams and waterways can be mixed and matched to suit any garden layout. Make a river of mini garden streams, disappearing into an inground pond or do a series of cascading water falls to a height of your choice. THERE ARE DIFFERENT TEXTURES AND DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM, ENOUGH TO SUIT ANY GARDENER'S REQUIREMENTS.

LIMPOPO RIVER STREAM... 'A quite river stream running through a secluded spot in the forest, birds having a bath in the refreshing water!' If this is an image that you are holding in your minds eye and you have just that spot in your garden, why not re create it with this magnificent 3m long stream. The two shorter sections of this stream allows for endless combinations, by placing them in different combinations, it will allow you to meander the water way to suit your requirements. Due to the level nature of the design, the stream can remain low for at least 6 meters. Let the stream run into an inground pond and create a spot where you can sit quietly and watch the birds in your garden enjoy the water way. Quite moments like that are rare and to be treasured.


Complete your pond project by installing a natural looking rock waterfall or stream. The plunging of the waterfall will add oxygen to the water much to the benefit of the fish and biofilter.

Other Products in Range

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