Unique Drakensberg Water Feature Range

The rocks used in sculpting this outstanding range of lightweight artificial rock water feature fountains, were found in the Drakensberg range of mountains. This mountain range has fascinating peaks and awesome valleys. This is the highest mountain range in South Africa and has amazing rock formations. A few hand selected rocks were moulded and arranged to create a stunning waterfall fountain. These original rocks weighed in excess of 2 tons.

The Drakensberg waterfall is available in a medium or a large size and is supplied with an above ground or an in ground pond, depending on your requirements.

This is undoubtedly a spectacular self-contained water feature which will enhance and beautify any location. This water feature will require no maintenance other than occasionally changing the water.

What makes this water feature fountain unique? is that notwithstanding its size, it can be installed with minimal effort. Simply place the water feature on the pond, fill it with water and connect the underwater pond pump. No additional help is needed. Within no time a wonderful landscaped appearance can be created by adding plants, pebbles and driftwood around this water feature fountain.

Our unique method of manufacture which includes a combination of fibre glass and natural crushed rock, means that you will never need to refurbish your water feature. The older it gets the better it looks.

One of the biggest advantages of this unique water feature is the fact that it can be easily relocated without any help. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the peace, joy and serenity this cascading water feature will bring to you, your friends and family.