The Spectacular Magaliesberg Range of Waterfall Features

Small, Medium and Large. Click the thumbnail image to see large picture.

The Magalies range is the ultimate space saver as the feature is generally placed against a flat wall, the feature has an open back. The pond and falls combine to form a self-contained single water feature. Any one of the Magaliesberg range of water features will undoubtedly uplift and enhance any location.

The Magaliesberg range of features are unique in that they offer a phenomenal sound effect. A magnificent visual cascading sheet of water, often seen in the Magaliesberg range of mountains is replicated in the water features. Natural rocks from the Magaliesberg mountains were moulded and reproduced in the contruction of this range.

Every detail of the original rock has been retained except the weight. The products are manufactured in glass fibre and allow for easy carrying and installation. Two people can lift the large Magalies with ease. Another characteristic of this superb range of features is the fact that there is virtually no maintenance required for these features.

Changing the water is quick and easy, simply empty and re-fill with fresh water. This will obviously only be necessary if the water quality necessitates it. The unique method of manufacture ensures that the outer surface of the feature will remain in a perfect condition. Weathering with time will in fact enhance the appearance, but an instant landscaped look can be obtained by placing a selection of your own choice of plants and shrubs around it. Placing this feature outdoors will attract an array of wildlife to your garden. The phenomenal sound of this range of features will ensure that you can bring the harmonizing sound of running water into an often too stressful living space.