The Picturesque Meander Corner Unit Water Feature and Pond

The Meander corner water feature combines functionality with design. This picturesque corner water feature will give definition to any corner, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The feature consists of two sections - the pond and the falls.

A gentle trickle of water meanders down the front face of the feature disappearing into the hidden pond. This corner water feature is manufactured from durable fibre glass and will take no longer than 10 minutes to install. simply place the pond section in the selected corner and fill with water. If you are satisfied with the position of the pond place the water feature over the pond and make sure it fits snugly into the corner. Connect the underwater pond pump to the clear hose supplied with the feature. Connect the pump to the power supply and switch on.

This unrivalled corner water feature has been designed with plant display pockets. The six pockets are made to fit the standard size plastic flower pots (available from your local nursery.) You can choose any plants or flowers of your choice to place into the pockets for that instant landscaped look. Some ideas: a ( for a lush green tropical look you can choose from the wide selection of ferns available. b) select from the vibrant seasonal seedlings available for an intense and cheerful look.

Whatever your choice , you will immediately create an enchanted corner. Maintenance of this corner water feature is totally effortless. The unique manufacturing process ensures that the rustic stone look will last for a lifetime,  simply change the water if necessary. This water feature is a winner and will be enjoyed by you, your family, friends and any small garden creature that finds running water a source of life. This is a beautiful water feature.