Monolith 93 and Pond Self Contained Water Feature

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Code Pump l/hr Length Width Height Volume
2FIB4564 1000 110cm 55cm 93cm 30L

Monolith 93 and Mono Pond The original rock was bought at a trade show in the U.K. and brought to Fibre Features in 2002. The skillful recreation of the monolith rock in nature has made this water feature one of the sensational features in our range. This feature can be used on its own or one can combine it with some other rocks to creat a modern design theme. The monoliths is used extensively in Zen gardens. This rock is an ideal water feature for gardens where one would like the soothing sound of running water but have a restriction in that you have little children. The pond is completely covered by the feature which adds to the safety factor. These rocks can also be made in a Slate Grey colour.