The Wonderful Medium Oribi Falls and Large Otter Pond

Make your moments spent in the garden or on your patio a memorable one by installing this wonderful two tiered artificial rock water feature. The magnificent sandstone rocks used in sculpting this outstanding lightweight artificial rock water feature fountain, were hand selected from the Oribi Gorge that is situated along the spectacular forest-cloaked ravine of the Mzimkulwana River. Click the small image to view larger picture.

Otter pond and oribi medium This feature celebrates simplicity but has an amazing sound effect. The waterfall fits elegantly onto the rock like aboveground pond to form a self-contained unit. The above ground pond was cleverly designed to obscure the underwater pump, which enhances the overall appearance of the water feature.

Installation is very easy and will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. All you need to do is select the spot for your water feature and place the above ground pond in position, fill the pond with water, connect the underwater pond pump to the clear hose that is fitted to the water feature and switch the pump on.

By placing the wonderful Medium Oribi falls and the Large Otter Pond in that special spot in your garden you can create a place for quiet reflection or you can let it make a dramatic statement. Use your imagination to landscape around the feature with your favourite plants, garden pebbles, driftwood or get advise from your local nursery.

What ever you choose to landscape the area with it will immediately transform it into a fairyland where you can forget about the harsh realities at the office. The soothing natural sound of running water will bring immense pleasure and tranquility. The unique method of manufacture uses modern day technology with which to create the superior finish. This finish guarantees a maintenance free surface that will require no refurbishing. The only maintenance needed will be to change the water if necessary.