Drakensberg Falls on Crystal Pond Self Contained Water Feature

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Code Pump l/hr Length Width Height Volume  
2FIB332 3000 200cm 135cm 134cm 260L  

Unique Drakensberg Water Feature and Crystal Pond. The rocks used in sculpting this outstanding large lightweight rock water feature fountain were found in the Drakensberg range of mountains. The original rocks weighed in excess of two tons. The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa and has awesome rock formations and cascading water falls. By placing this large lightweight rock feature in your back garden you can with ease mimick one of the wonderful scenes in nature. Installation can easily be done by two adults. Clear the area where you would like the feature to go. Place the well designed, above ground pond into place and put a little water in the pond to make sure it is level. If you are sure it is fill with water. Attach the submersible pump to the clear hose supplied with the feature and place the waterfall on the side of the pond. Decorate with some lush green plants. To make this a spectacular focal spot in the garden place some underwater lights in the pond. The gushing water down the face of the rock formation will ensure a dramatic water sound. Placing this magnificent feature near your entertainment area will ensure an effortless and instant landscaped area within no time, one that you, your family and friends can enjoy.