Meander Falls and Pond Self Contained Water Feature

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Code Pump l/hr Length Width Height Volume
2FIB766/940 1200 154cm 123cm 128cm 70L
Meander falls and pond water feature

Meander Corner Unit Water Feature and Pond The Meander corner water feature combines functionality with design. It was designed in Wales, U.K. It was then moulded and brought to South Africa in 2003. It has been a top seller since then. This picturesque corner water feature will give definition to any corner, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The feature consists of two sections - the falls and a pond that fits snugly into the corner. The gentle trickle of water meanders down the front face of the feature disapearing into the hidden pond. This corner water feature is manufactured from duralbe fibfre glass and will take no longer than 10 minutes to install simply place the pond snugly into the corner, fill with water, connect the submersible pump to the clear hose and connect to a power supply.