Mountain Falls on Howick Pond Self Contained Water Feature

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Code Pump l/hr Length Width Height Volume
2FIB4558 3000 250cm 176cm 180cm 340L

The Dramatic Mountain Falls, Howick Pond and Support Large The largest in our range and the most spectacular! Within morning you can transform a dull and drab area in your garden into an impressive, landscaped area. One where you can steal a solitary moment to reflect or where you and friends and family can relax and enjoy one anothers company. This dramatic large feature is placed on level ground, no digging needed. Landscape with some dramatic palms, tree ferns or plants of your choice and effortlessly create an instant haven of lush green plants and sparkling cascading water. A Place where birds can enjoy frolicking in the glittering water and where butterflies, dragon flies, honeybees and frogs can find a place to quench their thirst. By placing an underwater light in the pond, this water feature will transform your entertainment area at night.