Slate Slab Falls and Shallow Pond

Code Pump l/hr Length Width Height Volume Code.ID
2FIB4575 1200 206cm 130cm 72cm 45L 2230.00

River Slate Falls and Pond. By Placing this solid artificial slate textured water feature in that special spot in your garden you can create a place for quite reflection. The water ripples down the face of the slate water way into an inground pond. The pond will become the home to many little garden creatures. Birds will enjoy drinking water from the many little cascades down the face of the feature. You can have many a tranquil moment sitting quietly watching them enjoy the rippling water. Installation is so easy - Create the hole for the pond, make sure there are no sharp protruding rocks that can damage the pond. Place the pond into the hole, fill with a little water and level the pond. The pond has a lovely slate coping. Fill the pond to the edge with water, place the feature and connect the submersible pump. Landscape the area around the feature with your choice of plants from your local nursery. You will have a stunning water feature that will bring many hours of quite pleasure into your hectic life.