Oregon Chute Large: Woodlands Collection

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Code Pump l/hr Length Width Height
2FIB4449 2000 162cm 61cm 35cm

OREGON CHUTE LARGE Mother Nature carved a natural chute in a fallen log which we located in Mapumalanga and converted it into the ideal water feature. Place the 'fallen trunk' on the side of an inground pond, attach a submersible pump to the chute and allow the water to flow down the tree stump into the pond. This feature lends itself to the creative gardener - Use ferns and other forest looking plants to landscape around this feature to make a dramatic statement, or use it in full sun with beautiful coloured annuals. The unique method of manufacture uses modern day technology with which this superior finish, that does not need refurbushing, has been created for you to enjoy. For the smaller garden there is the smaller river chute. View it at our show room in Centurion.